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I am here 4U

I am Aigoro Olaseni Enitan.A,20,a Nigerian footballer,who can play anywhere in the midfield and attack.I am tall,pacy and I have a high level of strength and power,all these has made fans around me liken me to "Kaka" of Brazil,while some thinks I am C.Ronaldo from Nigeria.I am an amateur currently playing for my university,University Of Ado-Ekiti,Nigeria.Please,I will be glad if I can secure a trial and consequently a contract to play professionally in your club and also develop yet further.Thanks for your cooperation,my email is and my phone numbers are +234 8030747105 and +234 7085061700. I look forward to prompt response and/or invitations either through emails,calls or smses.
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Went to my first WPS game

Saw the Breakers host FC Gold Pride the other night(Wed) and was an interesting and enjoyable night.-Got in for free as a group that was there had some leftover tickets for the game, so saved the $13 ticket(note:that is the cheapest seat in the house). Negative: should of used money saved to buy a seat cushion. Seats are more like concrete slabs(really).-Lovely night for a game, but fans are seated on East side of stadium , so sun glares right into you and the sound system was poor. Had no clue who was going in and what was being announced at all. Might have been better in the north end of the stadium. No behind goal seating, which I prefer.-The Breakers have a fan/supporters group that was 15 people strong and had some quality songs and chants, but as the league caters mainly to families, kind of surprised with the amount of "You suck" chants coming from them(but they are in the south corner of the stadium away from the crowd, which stinks for them)-Game was okay and is always tough to evaluate these when your getting ConFed games in the afternoon with the likes of Spain, Brazil and even South Africa was entertaining that day. Breakers did not have a shot(IMO) until the 2nd half, but had nice possession, just passes into the final 3rd seemed off. FCGP was BIG in the back and played safely away from trouble, midfield had nice movement and the Japanese player was a handful(was sitting among alot of FCGP fans, incl Tiff Weimer's family)-Do a nice job with building the atmosphere, but the cameras seemed to be more focused on fan shots during play than the game. Cameras on the game were at the top of the stadium, so the shots appeared as if they were from a blimp.-Food/drink options alot on the former, so so on the latter. Prices go from $3 to $8 on food and you can get RedBones BBQ which is quality grub. Drinks...Coronas, Guinness and Bud(think all went for $6). Better bet take the 5-10 min walk over to Harvard Square which has tons of options.-Parking-$10...REALLY??? Cost me $4 = free to park in Somerville and $4 to take the T fr Davis Square(10 min ride tops w/rush hour service meaning little wait time). As game kicked at 7, you can try to find on street parking, but having worked in Harvard Square...good luck with that.-Have post game autograph session with I think both teams which is great for the kids(not sure about a post game drink up for the adults...hey now)-Breakers-Lilly always great to watch. Smith came in the 60 min mark and was solid(must be hurt), Nobis was WOTM-came on as sub at half...bundle of energy was fun to watch...scored the tying goal...needs to work on the celebrations though(I kid, I kid...). Scott also nice to watch, ARod seemed to be off her game. For FCGP, Formiga was solid in the midfield and Tiff Milbrett was out there..great to see her still playing and playing hard. Barnhart the GK read the game very well and as stated the Japanese FWD/HB was a handful-Crowd was 3600+...lots of buses with fans from CT, ME..for a weeknight game that's some impressive travelling-Overall not a bad way to spend the night, especially for $4 total...made me missed living outside the big city. But bring a seat cushion...
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Dear All,Sunrise Sport Club was formed by my father more than 30 years ago in Matara (southern coastal tip of Sri Lanka) in order to improve level of soccer skills and other sport activities (athletic, cricket rugger, elle) among youths in our area. He spent his personal wealth to form and conduct this club until his demise. However, since his demise and due to so many other factors my brother (Sumith) has dedicated his full time to maintain the acticities.We, sunrise sport club of Matara is palnning to conduct a national level soccer tournament in Matara to improve the game to the level it was in Matara. I kindly request to my member friends in this soccer blog to extend to your kind assistance to make our attempt a success.Susil
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There were a couple nice articles in New York area papers about how soccer is making life better for people. Here are the links: In New York, a Soccer Team That Is Homeless but Not Defeated (New York Times 5/3/09) Shelter residents embrace a sense of purpose through the team, the newest in a nationwide league for the homeless. Yorktown soccer club helps special-needs kids (The Journal News 5/3/09) YORKTOWN - Special-needs children from Manhattan traveled to the town community center yesterday to get some pointers from the Yorktown Youth Soccer Club.
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I am writing to introduce United Stars Football Club Aba,and to indicate our interest on football development and players transfer in the Nigeria local league and oversea.United Stars is a Youth Football Club.(1)We scout/train young talented footballers(2)We act as a,feeder to the Nigeria league system(3)Promotion of players in the Nigeria league system(4)Transfer and sell of players Nigeria Origin to foreign clubs(5)We bridge the communication Gap(6)Supply of sports Equipment(7)We Organize youth football competition for companies as role mordel promotion.U-7,U10,U13,U15,U17,U19.At United Stars, we have high experinenced hands that deal in sport related matters.For more information
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help wanted urgently

good day,We are a local soccer club in Worcester a town in the Western Cape, South Africa.Currently we have teams playing in the Metropolitan,sab and ladies playing in the ABSA competition.We are involved with schools and use soccer as a mechanism to keep our kids away from the streets and the subsequent problems of drug abuse and gangsterism.the problem is we have no sponsors and with all the fees and travelling involved we are struggling as most of our players are either still at school or unemployed so they cannot contribute financially.Please help us.
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Big Ball

We have recently produce Big balls 2 feet height have a look. Hamayun Nazir HAKT INTERNATIONAL 17-A Small Industrial Estate., P. O. Box 1072 Sialkot 51310 Pakistan Tel: 0092 52 325 4069 Fax: 0092 52 325 5069 Email: Web Site:
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i havent played soccer in a couple years and that was on a rec teamim a freshman and want to try out next year for my sophmore yeari didnt play this year though cause of basketball but im dropping it for socceranyways im gonna get up to running 4-5 miles a day, working on handling the ball, and start eating rightwhat are more suggestions of what i can do to assure i make varsity?thanks so much
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I'm a senior referee in Sydney and my passion is to help players and referees get on with each other better. That's got to be good for the game generally, but it's also an important consideration when it comes to enjoyment of the game and gaining an advantage over your opposition.So, if you're interested in subjects like getting on with the referee better, understanding his (or her) decisions, appreciating what motivates... and demotivates... referees, why they still do it despite all the abuse and sometimes threats they get, etc....Then I'd like to hear from you. Let's get a dialogue going.
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Soccer Coach Job NJ USA

ADVANCED TOTAL SOCCER is a professional soccer coaching companybased in Morristown New Jersey USA.We are looking for coaches with an FA level 2 or NSCCA regional diploma or above, to start late summer and work on a long term basis.We are a coaching company that provides an extremely high quality service that cannot be matched by any of our competitors. Due to the size of the company we can provide a personal relationship with the children and coaches, this ensuring all goals are met with great efficiency and enjoyment.Please forward any resumes to
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I am an efficient striker

Hello,My name is Tumeh Paul.I am a good striker from Cameroon with a good profile just very ready to play on.My talents is more efficient when I work in collaboration with my team players and coaches.I love to play and I play for the passion of the game, collectiveness couple with my team’s inspiration and spirit with the sole goal to take the team forward. All I wish for is to have a test match In your teams and I assure you that you would not be disappointed in my talents.I have been a player of successful clubs in my country, I am equally very discipline, hard working, patient, courageous and always ready learn and to take to instructions. I have as priority to win, be committed, and make the best of what I learn from the team and coaches.I am ready to make your dreams succeed.You can contact me for more information on my email or call me on+23796407191.Thanks,I await your sincere reply.
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about myself

My name is Alex garner, i was born i freetown,sierraleone,westafrica.I was born on april 4 1981, am 5ft, 9in tall. i am a goalkeeper i have being playing since i was 12 year old. i started playing for my high school and later played for my college. I was later called to played with one of the first division in my country called East End Lions FC,at the age of 22 i was called for trials with u 17 but was ruled out due to injuriy.1999 i travil to conakry guiena west africa, i started playing for secound division and later travil to the United state(2004). i started playing for a spanish club in washington dc. I later played for my school Montgomery college. I am looking for a soccer club because i dont want to loose my talent. for any imformation you can contact me on 301-979-0269 or e.mail me on
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US Youth Soccer - Responsible Coaching Awards

This seems like a contest that should get some last minute promotion. From Twitter: USYouthSoccer: Final days to nominate a coach you know, Here's the clip from their US Youth Soccer site: Do you know a coach who demonstrates a commitment to excellence on and off the field? US Youth Soccer and Liberty Mutual seek to recognize and honor these important individuals who volunteer their time to help make our children's youth sports experience rewarding. These coaches are often the unsung local heroes – teaching lessons through youth sports that translate into life. That's why we established the Responsible Coaching Awards – to recognize and celebrate these valuable coaches. Tell us about a coach you know that deserves recognition for his or her commitment to responsibility in youth sports. But time is running out! Nominations are only being accepted until February 28!
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Ich suche spieler und trainer, aber nur 100 % proffesionel die richtig airbeiten wollen und sehr fleisig sind.I am looking for players and coach, just 100 % proffesional who will work hard and very worth.If you interested contact me by e-mail.
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starting as a goalkeeping coach

this is my second season as a coach, and my first as a goalkeeping coach. i have managed to fall into coaching by accident really. last year i joined a local team with the idea of just keeping fit,but managed to somehow end up taking weekly training with absolutely no clue what i was doing. this year i decided to do things right and to train myself as a coach. as a player i was a goalkeeper, so therefore goalkeeping coaching seems to be the way forward for me(go with what you know and all that).now again this season i have managed to fall in with a junior team (u14s) and i am running a weekly goalkeepers clinic. problem is that every week i am getting more keepers that want to train and learn the crazy gracefull art of a goalkeeper, and i am now struggling to provide new and intertaining ways to help these young guys to be the best that they can be.i have no professional qualifications myself (as yet!), and am building training plans from what i can glean from a number of websites and friends, but i seem to have hit a wall, as there is limited resources on the internet, and i am starting to repeat previous exercises from earlier in the year.So my plea to everyone is for any help that anyone can provide, whether it is training drills or writing session plans, or any little nuggets of wisdom that can passed on.i believe these young boys deserve the chance to reach their full potential and maybe become succesfull footballers in the future, and also for me to become the best that i can be as a coach.I look forward to hearing from you all, and all advice will be gratefully recieved.Thanks Steven.
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Red Card from SoccerClub

Earlier we posted our first draft of our Rules for Membership to SoccerClub. The rules come down to show respect and don't screw around with anyone. We get constant notes about some of the "agents" offering to help players and coaches find teams. They are difficult at times to investigate since we don't want to punish and honest person doing honest work. However, what we have learned is that old classic; if it smells rotten, then it probably is.

As a result, we have started to ban some users, and I will keep a running list here in case these situations and pitches come back again, then we can squash them again. I posted their notes "as is" so you can identify if hese cases come up again at SoccerClub, or on another site that you are using. Please note that these are posted as written. If you decide to use these emails, you are doing so at your own risk.

Banned Users and Their Pitch

1) Date Banned: 2/1/09 - Maria Savimbi - Pasted as written
Maria savimbi said…From: Miss Maria savimbi
Good Day,Please Reply Me True this my altanative email ( With warm heart I offer my friendship, and greetings,and I hope this mail meets you in good time. However strange or surprising this contact might seem to you,as we have not met personally or had any dealings in the past, I humbly ask that you take due consideration of its importance and immense benefit. I also sincerely seek your confidence, as I make this proposal to you as a person of integrity.First and foremost I wish to introduce mysel properly to you. My name is Miss Maria savimbi; I am the daughter of Late Jonas Malheiro Savimbi, leader of UNITA (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola).You can go through this wed site to know more abut my father. To know more about the struggle by UNITA to liberate Angola, click on the link below and read. my father death my mothers disclose to me the Uprising. Beforeshe was arrested that my father had a fund being deposited with a leading security Company in Europe, up to the tune of $22 Million USD which he told the securit Company as family valuebles.Sir I am Honourable seeking your assistance in the following ways
... remainder clipped

2) Date Banned: 2/8/09 - benny emmy - Pasted as written
benny emmy wrote…Original note: hello am castellan benny. i can get you offers to clubs for you to start a coaching career immediately there are offers ready now in india and also europe. email me on will tell you more on the offer - castellan benny

Note 2 - you have to listern very carefully my fee for this opportunity is $4000 an assistant coach offer is available in India and the name of the club is AIR INDIAN FOOTBALL CLUBthis are what they require from you so you have to send it to my email now if you are interested then i will get the invitation letter directly from the club ok
... remainder clipped

3) Date Banned: 2/8/09 - "Sang yang" - Pasted as written
"Sang yang" wrote…I AM SANG YANG,we urgently need Coachs and players if you are qualified please send us email at
... remainder clipped

4) Date Banned: 2/8/09 - Hilary Brown - Pasted as written
Hilary Brown wrote…Talented Players or choaches. We are looking for talented players or coaches for reputable clubs, please contact us now email:
... remainder clipped
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4 Simple Soccer Drills With Cones

Intro to simple soccer drills with cones

It is always fun to open up a video on the web and see players like Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo dazzling the world. It almost seems that they have the soccer ball attached to their foot. That is why the world loves them. When they touch the ball everyone is left in awe. While it seems like it is magic, it is not. These players are the best in the world and have become that way by practicing fundamentals. There are many drills and exercise that you can do to better your foot skills. It won't necessarily stun millions of people around the world but it will certainly help you play better. It will help you in one-on-one situations and increase your ability as a player.

Dribbling between the cones

Set up seven cones about a meter apart from one another in a straight line. The cones serve as an obstacle course that you must run through. Once they are set up, dribble through them slowly. Start on the right side of the first cone and go to the left of the next cone. Then go to the right side of the next cone and so on. When you reach the end turn around and do it again. When you feel comfortable, you should try using just your left foot or right foot. Isolating one side of the foot is always important to increasing your abilities

With the same set up, try dribbling around the cone. You should try to stay as close as you can to the cones without touching them. When you have successfully completed one rotation, go on to the next cone. You should continue until you have gone through the entire line of cones. Once again, you can concentrate on one foot at a time while working on you ability to cut.

Cut backs in the circle of cones

To begin, set up seven cones in a circle about 3 meters wide. Enter the circle and begin dribbling freely. Once you have become accustomed to the size of the circle, start to dribble up to the cones. When you get close, stop the ball by stepping on it and pulling it back. Then keep cutting across the circle and doing that. After a few moments go back to random dribbling. If you want to get better quicker, maker the circle smaller.

Soccer Golf

For this drill you need a lot of open space. Take your seven cones and spread them around the soccer field. If you feel like being really ambitious, place a number 1-7 on them. With them spread out, try to hit them using a combination of long passes and short passes. Play it like golf and keep track of your score. Once you hit one go onto the next one. See how many passes it takes to complete your soccer golf course

Speed zones

For this drill you will also need a lot of space as well. To begin, you need to set up cones standing upright or laying down. You should alternate between to two. The cones that are lying down are "Speed Up" zones and the cones that are standing are "Slow Down" zones. When you pass through a speed zone you sprint while dribbling the ball and when you pass through a slow zone you jog and dribble. These soccer-drills are all about increasing your dribbling abilities, your long and short passing and your cuts. They may seem very basic but when you practice over and over, these skills become second nature on the field.

Author info: Mirsad Hasic is the webmaster of soccer training guide where you will find more cool soccer drills and games.

Article Source:

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coach wanted

our club is located in southern part of china[doung guan]we are loooking for a coach that will instruct our players by analysing their performance are required to have a formal qualification acquired through study or work experience.kindly forward your cv if you are intrested
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