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I picked up a drill from another coach and thought it was pretty good. I used it this season to begin the season for my U8 team and it went very well. It's pretty simple, but you get 3 skills involved in one drill. The throw-in, trapping the ball, and dribbling.You begin by having about half your kids along a sideline and half at a cone at about 10 o'clock about 8/10 yards away. Basically set up a triangle. Have the kids do a running throw-in from the sideline towards an imaginary point between the cone and the sideline. The child at the cone runs from the cone, traps the ball and then dribbles around a cone set out parallel or a bit further down the sideline. He/she then dribbles down the sideline to prepare to do a throw-in.Thanks To: Marc Noble, U8 NW Lions
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Field between 30 X 30 yard and 50 X 50. Split team/group in half (preferred) or thirds. Use 4 goals about 10 yds from the corner. Scoring: - Team scores by passing through the goals to a teammate. Any goal. There is no our and their goal. - A team can't score consecutively at the same goal. - Scores can go through the goal from either direction, just make sure the pass is received and controlled to count. - Possession changes if ball goes out of bounds or stolen. Variations: - Allow goals for dribbling through - Use 2 balls Coaching Points: - Encourage communications and using the whole field -- remember you can score by going backward towards an unguarded goal. - Everyone is always in the game as an offensive and defensive player. Players must make quick transitions very often, because the ball is always in scoring position. Thanks To: Tom McGuinness

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