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Good day

My names are Kuti roland mene, I am a footballer. If there is a thing going on where I could get a chance for a trail for football.

Name: Kuti Roland
Dob: 21st september 1987
Age: 23 years old
Position: centre defence/centre midfield/centre forward/outside right/outside left e.t.c
Feet: both footed 
Nationality; Nigerian
Sex; Male

I moved over to Malaysia from Nigeria I used to play football locally and always dreamed of becoming one amoung the best footballer however on moving there I didn’t know how the football system worked so I didn’t join a team but I was playing for my school team.

PILLARS FOOTBALL CLUB 10s TO 17s 1999/2010

All about me
I am a very humble player with bags of determination to excel. I believe in one thing ‘what you put in is what you will get out’. I believe that if I put 100% effort into my football I will get a 100% back from it. However anything less than 100% does not bring out any rewards.
Apart from playing football I am interested in other sports such as long distance running, swimming and others. This also helps me improve my fitness as it is very important to have high levels of fitness in the position I play.
such as Position: centre defence/centre midfield/centre forward/outside right/outside left that likes to tackle, score and loves making life difficult for my opponents diffender. I’ve practised a lot and moulded my game around 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I love the way he bosses the centre midfield surging runs up the pitch to help his team attack.
I am very good at doing the simple things on the pitch well such as giving the right passes,scoring , showing for the ball to receive in from my midfielder 
and other midfield players, knowing when to release the ball and when to hold on to it enabling other midfield players and strikers to make runs up the 
pitch.. I am also good in the air with a great leap on me and I have a very good shot on both feet
I am very good on and off the ball. Using the ball wisely when in position and closing down space when out of possession.

Great right foot, very comfortable on both feet
Good in the air
Good awareness & imagination
Good range of passing, accurate & precise
Good goal scoring
Very fit
Great pace
Very strong
Strong communication (very important when playing in central midfield)

Please feel free to contact me if you need more information from me i will be very greatful.

God bless
Kuti Roland
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