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Starting A Club Team

Hello My name is Amanda and my husband and I have been doing AYSO for 4 years now and we are finally fed up with their BS and we are looking into starting a team we have been doing a spring select team for AYSO but they make us pick different boys every year and this last year we had a great team and did well in the tounaments but come now the fall season we do not want to gived them up. How would you go about starting a team??? Please help...

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Chelsea Football Club Academy which is part of CHELSEA FOOTBALL CLUB,England needs players.And they will be having trials and registration very soon for new players that willlike to join the club.This is to prepare youvery well before joining the main Club(CHELSEA FC). So i believe you can perform well ifyou join the club.
So if you are interested to join Chelsea Football Club and play in England, you should send/forward your CV/Resume to or
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