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can't get onto Twitter, so just got to say it somewhere....amazing(USA!!!)

Final games of group stage have been riveting so far, can't wait for this afternoon

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Less than 1 week

with players dropping the way they've been, maybe they should stop tuning up nd just get ready for the first game? US-Australia Sat morning on ESPN 2
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So according to EA Sports, makers of the great soccer video games like the FIFA series or the World Cup games, has made predictions that Spain would beat Brazil in the World Cup final 3-1. My first thought was how the great Pele once said about the idea of the US ever winning the Cup how absurd it was because Spain has not even won one yet. So I'm wondering, if Spain did win this year, does that mean we finally could the next Cup?

Regardless of the outcome, I hope we can all enjoy what looks to be some amazing soccer this year and spread the word about the beautiful game.
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