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Went to my first WPS game

Saw the Breakers host FC Gold Pride the other night(Wed) and was an interesting and enjoyable night.-Got in for free as a group that was there had some leftover tickets for the game, so saved the $13 ticket(note:that is the cheapest seat in the house). Negative: should of used money saved to buy a seat cushion. Seats are more like concrete slabs(really).-Lovely night for a game, but fans are seated on East side of stadium , so sun glares right into you and the sound system was poor. Had no clue who was going in and what was being announced at all. Might have been better in the north end of the stadium. No behind goal seating, which I prefer.-The Breakers have a fan/supporters group that was 15 people strong and had some quality songs and chants, but as the league caters mainly to families, kind of surprised with the amount of "You suck" chants coming from them(but they are in the south corner of the stadium away from the crowd, which stinks for them)-Game was okay and is always tough to evaluate these when your getting ConFed games in the afternoon with the likes of Spain, Brazil and even South Africa was entertaining that day. Breakers did not have a shot(IMO) until the 2nd half, but had nice possession, just passes into the final 3rd seemed off. FCGP was BIG in the back and played safely away from trouble, midfield had nice movement and the Japanese player was a handful(was sitting among alot of FCGP fans, incl Tiff Weimer's family)-Do a nice job with building the atmosphere, but the cameras seemed to be more focused on fan shots during play than the game. Cameras on the game were at the top of the stadium, so the shots appeared as if they were from a blimp.-Food/drink options alot on the former, so so on the latter. Prices go from $3 to $8 on food and you can get RedBones BBQ which is quality grub. Drinks...Coronas, Guinness and Bud(think all went for $6). Better bet take the 5-10 min walk over to Harvard Square which has tons of options.-Parking-$10...REALLY??? Cost me $4 = free to park in Somerville and $4 to take the T fr Davis Square(10 min ride tops w/rush hour service meaning little wait time). As game kicked at 7, you can try to find on street parking, but having worked in Harvard Square...good luck with that.-Have post game autograph session with I think both teams which is great for the kids(not sure about a post game drink up for the adults...hey now)-Breakers-Lilly always great to watch. Smith came in the 60 min mark and was solid(must be hurt), Nobis was WOTM-came on as sub at half...bundle of energy was fun to watch...scored the tying goal...needs to work on the celebrations though(I kid, I kid...). Scott also nice to watch, ARod seemed to be off her game. For FCGP, Formiga was solid in the midfield and Tiff Milbrett was out there..great to see her still playing and playing hard. Barnhart the GK read the game very well and as stated the Japanese FWD/HB was a handful-Crowd was 3600+...lots of buses with fans from CT, ME..for a weeknight game that's some impressive travelling-Overall not a bad way to spend the night, especially for $4 total...made me missed living outside the big city. But bring a seat cushion...
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