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I am writing to introduce United Stars Football Club Aba,and to indicate our interest on football development and players transfer in the Nigeria local league and oversea.United Stars is a Youth Football Club.(1)We scout/train young talented footballers(2)We act as a,feeder to the Nigeria league system(3)Promotion of players in the Nigeria league system(4)Transfer and sell of players Nigeria Origin to foreign clubs(5)We bridge the communication Gap(6)Supply of sports Equipment(7)We Organize youth football competition for companies as role mordel promotion.U-7,U10,U13,U15,U17,U19.At United Stars, we have high experinenced hands that deal in sport related matters.For more information
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help wanted urgently

good day,We are a local soccer club in Worcester a town in the Western Cape, South Africa.Currently we have teams playing in the Metropolitan,sab and ladies playing in the ABSA competition.We are involved with schools and use soccer as a mechanism to keep our kids away from the streets and the subsequent problems of drug abuse and gangsterism.the problem is we have no sponsors and with all the fees and travelling involved we are struggling as most of our players are either still at school or unemployed so they cannot contribute financially.Please help us.
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Big Ball

We have recently produce Big balls 2 feet height have a look. Hamayun Nazir HAKT INTERNATIONAL 17-A Small Industrial Estate., P. O. Box 1072 Sialkot 51310 Pakistan Tel: 0092 52 325 4069 Fax: 0092 52 325 5069 Email: Web Site:
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i havent played soccer in a couple years and that was on a rec teamim a freshman and want to try out next year for my sophmore yeari didnt play this year though cause of basketball but im dropping it for socceranyways im gonna get up to running 4-5 miles a day, working on handling the ball, and start eating rightwhat are more suggestions of what i can do to assure i make varsity?thanks so much
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I'm a senior referee in Sydney and my passion is to help players and referees get on with each other better. That's got to be good for the game generally, but it's also an important consideration when it comes to enjoyment of the game and gaining an advantage over your opposition.So, if you're interested in subjects like getting on with the referee better, understanding his (or her) decisions, appreciating what motivates... and demotivates... referees, why they still do it despite all the abuse and sometimes threats they get, etc....Then I'd like to hear from you. Let's get a dialogue going.
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Soccer Coach Job NJ USA

ADVANCED TOTAL SOCCER is a professional soccer coaching companybased in Morristown New Jersey USA.We are looking for coaches with an FA level 2 or NSCCA regional diploma or above, to start late summer and work on a long term basis.We are a coaching company that provides an extremely high quality service that cannot be matched by any of our competitors. Due to the size of the company we can provide a personal relationship with the children and coaches, this ensuring all goals are met with great efficiency and enjoyment.Please forward any resumes to
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I am an efficient striker

Hello,My name is Tumeh Paul.I am a good striker from Cameroon with a good profile just very ready to play on.My talents is more efficient when I work in collaboration with my team players and coaches.I love to play and I play for the passion of the game, collectiveness couple with my team’s inspiration and spirit with the sole goal to take the team forward. All I wish for is to have a test match In your teams and I assure you that you would not be disappointed in my talents.I have been a player of successful clubs in my country, I am equally very discipline, hard working, patient, courageous and always ready learn and to take to instructions. I have as priority to win, be committed, and make the best of what I learn from the team and coaches.I am ready to make your dreams succeed.You can contact me for more information on my email or call me on+23796407191.Thanks,I await your sincere reply.
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